Thursday 18 June 2015

Conference website created...

Welcome to the 2015 BPS Transpersonal Psychology Section conference website. This year we return to Cober Hill near Scarborough where we've held many of our annual conferences before and which is very popular with our members.

The theme for this year - the 19th Annual Section conference - is psychedelics, psychology and spirituality. We've chosen this as we find ourselves at a time when psychedelic research seems to be showing signs of a nascent rebirth with trials in the UK, US and Europe currently being undertaken. Much of this headline work falls very much within the medical framework, and we'd like to take this opportunity to reflect on what transpersonal psychology can uniquely offer in conceptualising psychedelic experience.

We have a attracted some wonderful keynote speakers for this year's conference too and we look forward to hearing from them all about their ongoing research as well as broader conceptual issues in psychedelic research and therapies.

Please use the headings above to find out more about this exciting event. Conference submissions are now being accepted, and bookings will soon be open (handled by KC Jones for the BPS).